Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sweet Henry

Yesterday the world lost a beautiful soul.  Precious Henry Augustin Dobrovits passed away from complications of surgery at the age of 2. His loving mother, Carla, never left his side.
Henry was rescued from Eastern Europe a little over a year ago and was shown immense unconditional love from his mama, family, and countless others.  He leaves a huge legacy of saving several other children, as he and his family's adoption journey had a massive ripple effect on so many others.  He truly is a little angel.
You can follow his beloved journey at: Bringing Henry Home.  If you are new to the RR family, you may recognize this blog as Carla is Oliver's prayer warrior and the one who donated handmade bracelets towards his fundraiser.
I can imagine Henry now sitting in God's arms, happily eating some french fries.  One day he will look up and see all the ones he loved again, but until then please say a prayer that the Lord will comfort the Dobrovits family, and thank Him for this wonderful blessing he let us all see.
Rest peacefully sweet boy.  You are loved by so many.

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