Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't let him be forgotten

This past week I watched a video that showed a mental institution in Ukra*ne.  By some miracle, a few missionaries were allowed to go inside, hand out food, and take photos.  I don't know how close this place is to Oliver, but it's probably very similar to one he'd be sent to soon.  I cried like a baby after seeing it and seeing the woman with dwarfism (3:01) made me sob harder.  It could have been my friends, it could have been one of us, it could have been my son.  How were we blessed with a life full of opportunity while she sits there indefinitely?  Is she able to tell them they made a mistake?  Is she able to show them how capable she is?  She was most likely abandoned by her family, thrown into this life very young, passed by as she aged, forgotten, and had no chance to show anyone that she could think for herself.  Her brain works.  Her heart works.  She could have been a doctor.  She could have gotten married.  She could have had a family.  Same for Oliver.  Same for so many of these sweet children.  I can't understand, but it's why I holler.

Here's the video:

(A post from a family who adopted from an institution is also worth reading here: )

Oliver cannot be destined for this!

Do you see this sweetheart?  Have you been consistently returning to look at his sad face?  Do you check everyday or so for an update?  Are you brushing off that particular feeling that keeps you coming back?  Are you longing to smooch his sweet forehead?  I am begging.  Look at him again.

He is yours!  GO get him!