Friday, November 21, 2014

Well... we're adopting. :)

This blog was started because we saw Oliver, heard his poor little story, and wanted desperately to find him a family.  So many people rallied... and success!  He was rescued!  He has a home!  He has infinite amounts of love, and kisses, and hugs, and toys, and food, and proper care for his type of dwarfism - let alone proper care at all.  He is no longer an orphan!  Do you know his family has said that he has already smiled?  And LAUGHED?  No kidding!  He used to be alone, shunned, and imprisoned in a crib.  Now he has a Momma, a Daddy, a BROTHER, a wonderful extended family, and thousands of cheerleaders.  His life was definitely saved.  He has always been valuable.

Oliver safe and loved.  Precious boy.

We didn't know if it was going to be our turn one day.  We were nervous and thought it could be risky, and didn't know if it was in God's plan or the budget for us.  But when you get the call (and are knocked over by the most adorable photo, ever!) it is hard to ignore.  Sure, we're still nervous!  Sure, we don't know how anything is going to turn out once we get him home!  But he is ours, so there's no other choice but to get him, love on him, and show him that he is way too valuable to be stuck in a crib.  And we are so close!

Our Danny

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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Oh gosh.  Oh my.  I have to post..... What a doll!

This is Micah and he is beyond precious.  RR updated his profile with new photos and his cuteness has left me about speechless.  He is such a sweet little guy who would make a family swoon.  Hoping and praying his mama finds him fast!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year

Happy New Year.  I know this site has sort of gone by the wayside... Traveling/holidays/life has turned it into a neglected blog.  But I need to remember that these kids dearly wish for a chance to be busy with their families.

Brittany is diagnosed with OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) which means her bones are very fragile - though she is cognitively normal!  She's in a foster family for now and has the sweetest smile!

Darren is about to be transferred to a psychiatric institution.  Even though he may have many special needs, he seems so loving and affectionate.  In order for him to survive, a family will most likely need to find him before he is moved.  The odds of life after being transferred are so slim.
Sweet Haven has a matching grant that may help her escape!  Please look passed her surprised look.  This gorgeous girl didn't get a chance to take a 'nice' photo so she may be more often passed up.  Having a mama would help her open up a whole new word.
Brett is boy who has had a rough little life.  He was abandoned in a field at birth and is now living (living?) in a cold mental institution.  He truly needs a family to help him see that unconditional love is possible.

Miles.  Oh gosh this boy.  His ornament was hanging on our tree this year.  Miles' country is the one that has currently banned US adoptions... but there is a tiny window of hope that may open up to allow adopting special needs.  So don't forget about him!  He would make a family so blessed.

Gah!  I am in love!  Justin is the other beautiful boy whose ornament was on our tree.  What he wouldn't give to have a mama kiss his sweet cheeks.  He is so little and precious.  There really has to be somebody meant for him.

Has your child been mistakenly placed in one of these facilities instead of in your arms?  Go see!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Adoption ban in Russia

This is so awful:

Quote from our friend Brenda:

"...thousands upon thousands of children will NEVER know the love and care of a family if this ban remains. Families who have already committed and visited and fallen in love with their children may not be able to continue their adoptions. This affects so many of my friends. Please pray this does not pass and that Russia will not make their children pay with their lives.  In some instances, children in Russia are already legally part of American families. Those families were required to return home for a 30 day wait and may not be able to return to get children that are legally theirs."

I can't believe it.  Please pray that President Putin will veto this ban.  Thousands of children (especially those with special needs) will be lost if this passes.

"Caregivers in particular fear the new rules will hit the most disadvantaged children because foreign [US] adoptive parents are often ready to adopt kids rejected by Russian families" - Agence France-Presse

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sweet Henry

Yesterday the world lost a beautiful soul.  Precious Henry Augustin Dobrovits passed away from complications of surgery at the age of 2. His loving mother, Carla, never left his side.
Henry was rescued from Eastern Europe a little over a year ago and was shown immense unconditional love from his mama, family, and countless others.  He leaves a huge legacy of saving several other children, as he and his family's adoption journey had a massive ripple effect on so many others.  He truly is a little angel.
You can follow his beloved journey at: Bringing Henry Home.  If you are new to the RR family, you may recognize this blog as Carla is Oliver's prayer warrior and the one who donated handmade bracelets towards his fundraiser.
I can imagine Henry now sitting in God's arms, happily eating some french fries.  One day he will look up and see all the ones he loved again, but until then please say a prayer that the Lord will comfort the Dobrovits family, and thank Him for this wonderful blessing he let us all see.
Rest peacefully sweet boy.  You are loved by so many.

Friday, November 9, 2012


I can barely type this out without taking a break to skip around the room in joy!


[EDIT November 2014:] The NOLAN!!!! Family is Oliver's (and Andrew's!!) family!!!!  Miracles were made and meant to be.  They are so, so, perfect for him.  And he is perfect for them!  And he has been home with them for months!

PTL!  5 years he has waited!  5 years in a crib!  And now soon, freedom!  He will also come home with a new brother that has been with him in his orphanage!  I can't contain my excitement!

Thanks to your generous donations, this family is so close to paying the full ransom for these boys... but they still have a little more to go.  I have permission from our dear friend Leila to paste part of her blog in this post since she can explain so much better than I.  (Full post is here:

God bless the [NOLANS!!] for taking these precious boys into their hearts and home, and thanks for spreading the word on your own blogs, facebook, and twitter!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vote Vote!

First some good news.... Roland has found a family!

He will be such a blessing to them!

In other news, (I can't believe I didn't post this sooner) Reece's Rainbow only has two more days to accumulate votes in order to win $50,000.  If they win, they will put $5,000 in the sponsor accounts of ten waiting children.  This could greatly help these children get adopted.  If you have a facebook account, all you need to do is vote today and tomorrow.  We have no idea of knowing if they are in the lead, so if you are 21 and over please click the link below and submit your vote!

Thank you!