Friday, November 9, 2012


I can barely type this out without taking a break to skip around the room in joy!


[EDIT November 2014:] The NOLAN!!!! Family is Oliver's (and Andrew's!!) family!!!!  Miracles were made and meant to be.  They are so, so, perfect for him.  And he is perfect for them!  And he has been home with them for months!

PTL!  5 years he has waited!  5 years in a crib!  And now soon, freedom!  He will also come home with a new brother that has been with him in his orphanage!  I can't contain my excitement!

Thanks to your generous donations, this family is so close to paying the full ransom for these boys... but they still have a little more to go.  I have permission from our dear friend Leila to paste part of her blog in this post since she can explain so much better than I.  (Full post is here:

God bless the [NOLANS!!] for taking these precious boys into their hearts and home, and thanks for spreading the word on your own blogs, facebook, and twitter!


  1. And anyone who donates $25 or more will get to choose a child for a tab on my Orphan Report blog!! Win-win!!

  2. What will you do after you are done ADvocating for Oliver?:) He is lucky to have so many Aunties!