Monday, October 1, 2012

Diastrophic Dysplasia (DD)

This is the type of dwarfism we think Oliver has.  Naturally, you may be curious about it.  Is it a big deal?  Are they cognitive?  Can they walk?  What does it all mean?

I've pulled some information together in hopes that it may lead to his rescue.  I pray it will ease the worries if [you] or a family have been on the fence about adopting him or any other child with this condition.

This link is a great place to start:

It has tips, medical information and also lets you know what is common, what is fixable, and what may be a challenge that can eventually be overcome.

It also has a link to photos of adults and adorable children with DD. :

Do you see how much potential Oliver could have?  If someone would have just fixed his little club feet he could possibly be walking.  Instead he lays in a crib every single minute, trapped, bored, and succumbing to his bed sores.

And yes, like most types of dwarfism, DDs are cognitively normal.  He is only 5 and he knows he is suffering.

Below are a few people who have this type of dwarfism.  I recommend visiting these links, as you may have heard of one or two before. :

Chris Errera:  An incredible musician and recording artist(Look him up on YouTube.)

Matt Roloff: Wonderful speaker, businessman, and father on Little People Big World

Are your worries fading yet?  One more.

Scooter Patterson: PARALYMPIAN swimmer from Australia

This is why I see so much hope in Oliver, and I hope someone soon does too.

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