Monday, August 27, 2012


Hooray!  The grant in Oliver's account is now matched!  Feel free to continue adding if led!

And now the most important part ever... finding him a family.  He needs someone to hold him, love him, heal those poor wounds, and feed him a proper meal...

Please don't hesitate to show his precious face to anyone you think may have a place for him.  Below is a quote I found from another family.  They fell in love with a sweet 12 year old boy by just seeing him on someone else's blog and are in the process of fundraising to bring him home.

"You may be saying, “heck no, adoption is not for us, sayonara!” But this fight isn’t an all or nothing game.  There are many ways you can make a true difference, at varying commitment levels.  You can yell, really loud all over the internet, advocating for a particular waiting orphan you feel a connection with.  It works, it gets these kids noticed.  We are living proof of this – it’s how we learned of our son." -
So yelling and fussing and praying can work.  Even if it isn't Oliver, have you seen another child you've connected with?  Do you feel the need to do something about it?  Spread the word!

If any of our hollering has pushed Oliver to a new family, the reward of knowing we all were a small piece of his journey will be much greater than we'd expect.


  1. Yay, Oliver, now let's get you home!! Thanks, Kim and Ronnie, for all that you have done!