Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Adoption ban in Russia

This is so awful:

Quote from our friend Brenda:

"...thousands upon thousands of children will NEVER know the love and care of a family if this ban remains. Families who have already committed and visited and fallen in love with their children may not be able to continue their adoptions. This affects so many of my friends. Please pray this does not pass and that Russia will not make their children pay with their lives.  In some instances, children in Russia are already legally part of American families. Those families were required to return home for a 30 day wait and may not be able to return to get children that are legally theirs."

I can't believe it.  Please pray that President Putin will veto this ban.  Thousands of children (especially those with special needs) will be lost if this passes.

"Caregivers in particular fear the new rules will hit the most disadvantaged children because foreign [US] adoptive parents are often ready to adopt kids rejected by Russian families" - Agence France-Presse